Death is Not the Answer

Sarah Markun
Grade 8


“Caesar, now be still: I kill’d not thee with half so good a will.” These are the words proclaimed by Brutus before his suicidal death in which he willingly ran into his sword. In the beginning of the quote when Brutus says “Caesar, now be still” he is telling Caesar to rest in peace and that he too will soon be dead. When Brutus says “I kill’d not thee with half so good a will” he is professing that his reasons for murdering Caesar were not good enough. When Brutus killed Caesar, he confessed that he had nothing personal against Caesar. In fact, Caesar was his friend. Brutus, however killed Caesar for the good of Rome. While Brutus’ desire for his own death was triggered by his loss in the war against Mark Antony, and by the ghostly apparition of Caesar visiting him, Brutus killed Caesar then resigned to kill himself. This quote reveals that Brutus is somewhat honorable because he did not really want to kill Caesar because of envy. Brutus killed Caesar for the good of Rome. Brutus loved Rome and did whatever it would take to make sure Rome would not fall under Caesar’s tyranny. When Brutus saw the ghost of Caesar, he said that his time had come and that he would rather kill himself than be killed by Mark Antony and his soldiers. When Brutus killed himself he was accepting his fate to come. This quote may apply to today’s world when people do something they later regret. They believe that committing suicide is the answer to their problems, however it is not. In times like this, one must turn to God and put total faith and trust in Him. This is one thing the men in this book seemed to be lacking. They did not have God in their lives and because of this, they took their own lives.


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