by Marcus Yip, Gr. 6

Gossip can be described as malicious or idle talk about the faults of others and usually consists of talking about untrue testimony of another behind their back.

One should never listen to gossip, but if encountered, one should say, “I’m not interested and/or I’m not going with this.” One can also tell those who are gossiping to stop and if that doesn’t work, at least you know that you tried and didn’t just walk away without doing anything.

Gossip is also bad because it ruins another’s reputation and often, is against the truth, and God’s truth.  As a result, one would be disobeying God who is truth.  When Jesus Christ was before Pilate He said, “I have come to testify to the Truth.” Therefore, we need to be careful to only speak truth.  In addition, Gossip can consist of something true, but can still be harmful.  For example, one could say, Bob had a D- on his test, although this statement is true, it is not charitable or prudent to say so.

Furthermore, if one has gossiped, one must make restitution and go to confession to be forgiven.  In addition, one must pray for the graces necessary to stop spreading hurtful comments about others, and for the strength necessary to change’s one mind to a different topic.  This is what one must do if one is tempted to gossip or listen to gossip.


Gr. 3/4 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Project


by Emily Nguyen, Gr. 6

Gossip is saying mean or false things about others. Gossip is wrong because when you start to gossip, it just keeps spreading and you can’t take it back once you have said it.  The result of gossip can be very hurtful and can even destroy a person’s reputation. It even has the power to harm the soul of the one who is spreading the gossip.  Therefore, if one is tempted to gossip, one should pray to God and ask Him to give you the strength to not think mean things about another person and also the necessary graces to be friends with them.  If one is tempted to listen to gossip, my advice would be to change the subject and/or play with better friends.


by Felicia Liang, Gr. 5

By definition, gossip is defined as idle or malicious talk about others.  Gossip is wrong because it results in killing another’s good name and that’s against the fifth commandment: Thou shall not kill.  When I’m tempted to gossip, I try to ask myself, do I really need to tell this about someone? I also try to remind myself that gossip is also like killing and it is a sin. Thinking about how I would feel if someone else said something like that about me helps me to stop talking about others. When I’m tempted to listen to gossip, I try to think if someone else is eagerly listening to gossip about me.  That would really hurt me.  I also try to remind myself that listening to gossip is the same as telling the gossip. That’s what I feel you should do when you’re tempted to be involved with gossip.